Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The return of the infamous Birkenstock

I know, I know, don't even say it, they're ugly. Butt-ugly. They're UGG for the summer... But still, Garance Doré has already talked twice about them, and I'm pretty sure they're far from being dead. It is indeed the most talked item in town (you either love them or you hate them), and it kind of hurt putting them on my feet again. But we got on together quite quickly actually. Thing is, this is not the type of sandals you're going to wear for going out or for a wedding. Personally, they're good enough to go get my girls from school. But one must be very careful though: the fashion cycles being what they are (5 years max), I ended up with a tourist wearing the exact same pair, but in brown, and they were probably from 5 years ago... And of course, the colour of his shorts matched the colour of the sandals...
I personally don't like the white ones, they look too orthopaedic to me. Neither do I like clogs or espadrilles, but Birkenstock are fine by me, as long as you don't look too scruffy when you wear them. Let's talk about them next year, and we'll see what became of the trend.

Je sais, je sais, ne le dites même pas, elles sont laides. Affreuses même. Des UGG pour l'été... Pourtant, Garance Doré leur a déjà dédié deux posts, et je suis persuadée qu'elles sont loin d'être finies. Elles sont en fait l'objet dont les fashionistas parlent le plus en ce moment (on les aime ou on les déteste, pas de juste milieu), et cela m'a presque fait mal physiquement de les remettre à mes pieds. Mais les retrouvailles se sont finalement bien passées. Le truc, c'est que ce n'est évidemment pas le genre de sandales à mettre pour sortir ou pour aller à un mariage. Personnellement, elles me conviennent pour aller chercher les filles à l'école. Mais il faut cependant être prudent : les cycles de la mode étant ce qu'ils sont actuellement (5 ans max), je me suis retrouvée avec un touriste qui portait exactement le même modèle que moi, mais en marron, de la collection d'il y a 5 ans très certainement. Et son short était assorti aux birks...
Personnellement, je n'aime pas les blanches, elles font trop orthopédiques pour moi. Pas plus que je n'aime les sabots ou les espadrilles. Mais les birks me conviennent, tant qu'on n'est pas habillé comme un sac lorsqu'on les a aux pieds. Reparlons-en dans un an, et nous verrons ce que cette tendance est devenue...

Birkenstock 2-strap sandals (50€ on eBay) – Slim: Mango – Top: Ba&sh – Bag: Lancaster – Sunnies: Jimmy Choo

Those who wear them best:

Charlotte (TheFashionGuitar)

Labériane (The Blab)

Celine model


  1. Love these shoes!
    People usually don't like them! I'm glad to have found someone that likes them too! :-)


    Piera Anastasia

  2. They look good on you!

    x Eline

  3. I wouldn't say I'm a fan, but you and the three ladies definitely make them work. But I more than agree with you about the white ones.:D

  4. O my got! You did it! Aaaaaa! Personally, I don't think they are going to last a while, but kudos for being supe brave and fashion forward :)

  5. I like these shoes. But I don't like the fury ones from Celine. I hope I won't start to like them after I'll see them for 1000 times :D

  6. You styled them so well!!

  7. Amazing !!!great pics!
    Really nice blog!!
    Thanks for sharing!!do u want to Follow each other!?

  8. Merci ma belle :)
    je ne suis pas fana des birk par contre ;s


    Coline ♡

  9. love the look dear, and ur shoes look very comfy <3

  10. i really like your bag! love the color and shape

    please check my blog for new posts




  11. love the pants!
    pretty post )
    best wishes!

    Angela Donava

  12. Bah tu vois, pas fan des birk mais tu me les ferais aimer! Toute belle!



  13. Look good :)

    :) New post on my blog: mix of cartoon top + roses skirt: Tell me if you like it ;)


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