Sunday, 3 February 2019

A collection of my nail arts

Here is a collection of my nail arts pictures.

Chinese porcelain (Yoga-Ta Get This Blue! by OPI – French manicure pen: Réserve Naturelle)

Liquid Sand (Get Your Number by OPI)

Leopard nail art

Baby Doll Nail Art (Sweet Heart by OPI – Make a Spectacle by China Glaze)
Flower Nail Art
Half Moon Nail Art (done with reinforcement rings)

Glitter Nail Art by Essie

Matte Nail Art (Skirting the Issue by Essie + OPI matte top coat)

Matte Nail Art (Yoga ta get this blue by OPI + OPI matte top coat)

Polka Dot & Glitter Nail Art (Beyond Cozy by Essie – Go Ginza by Essie – Did You 'ear About Van Gogh? by OPI)

Dark purple nail polish by Réserve Naturelle
Galaxy Nail Art (tutorial here)
Sci-Fi Dot Nail Art (Blanc and Liquorice by Essie)

Glam Rock (Licorice by Essie – Nice in Nice by Essie – Make a Spectacle by China Glaze)

White Nail Art (Blanc by Essie)

Graphic Nail Art (Bourjois Easy Kit Nail Art – Bourjois So laque Glossy nail polish: Adora Bleu and Taupe modèle  Sèche Vite topcoat)

Graphic Nail Art (Blanc by Essie, Taupe modèle by Bourjois, Atomic Galaxy by Reserve Naturelle)
Chanel "Rouge Noir" alternative by Nocibé (4.99€)

Shiny black Nail Art (Licorice by Essie)

Stripy Nail Art (White & Licorice by Essie – Nail art thread by Bourjeois)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Bourjois Easy Kit Nail Art – Bourjois So laque Glossy nail polish: Adora Bleu)
Bow Nail Art (Fashion gris-gris by Bourjois – Stickers: Easy Nail Art Kit by Bourjois)

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